Future Roadmap

The following features are not yet implemented in this beta release, but are considered priorities for future work. In order of importance:
  • Support for importing/exporting site collection groups (also known as groups for "local term sets")
  • Retry logic for transient network errors
  • Support for pinned terms via the Term.IsPinnedRoot attribute -- the Export-Taxml cmdlet supports this, but Import-Taxml does not
  • Export-Taxml is currently somewhat slow because the -MaximumBatchSize optimization is not implemented for it yet
  • Additional SyncAction behaviors: MoveAndUpdate, DeleteAndRecreate, DoNothing
  • Implement a SyncAction.DeleteExtraChildItems attribute
  • More informative error messages

If you have a specific need or feature request for this tool, please post it in the discussion forum. I will consider implementing it if it's not a lot of work. ;-)

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